Kitchen Timer Switch


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This amazing tool is timer and switch socket in 1 piece design.

Kitchen Timer Switch 
Material  Plastic
Color  White
Weight  150g
Size  12.5 x 8.7 x 5.7 cm / 4.92 x 3.35 x 2.24 Inch
General Function
Load 16A / 360W
Voltage 120V or 230V ~ 50Hz
Operating Temperature -10~40℃
Setting Time 1 Min ( 12/24 Hours Format Changeable )
Accuracy ±1 Min / Mon.
Grounding  Non-Grounding
State of Assembly  Ready-to-Go
Function  230V Plug Switch Socket
Rated Voltage  100V – 240V
Plug Standard  EU / AU / UK / US Plug
Application  Residential / General-Purpose
Usage  Multifunctional





With Timer – Not Only The Switch Socket

Small display screen, you can set the time at any time
Setting time: 1 MinAccuracy: ± 1 Min/Mon.










How To Use The Kitchen Timer Switch

1.1 Press the “CLEAR” to check the
system within 6 seconds.
1.2 Press the “CLEAR” again with
a sharp object to eliminate all the
information from the last setting,
2. The “WEEK” Function
After pressing the “TIMER” button,
enter the setting state
2.1 Press the “WEEK” button to
select the des’red combin ation of weeks
2.2 Press “HOUR” to set, select
“0-23” or “1-12″
2.3 Press utvIINIJTE” button to set,
select “00•59”
2.4 In the setting state, if the operation
is performed internally for 20 seconds,
it will return to the current time.
2.5 Make sure to press “RESET / RECALL”
to cancel or reset the previous settings.
“Clock” Function
3. The
When the timer is set
3.1 The LCD screen displays the day of the
week, hours and minutes. 12•hour
system will have AM and PM d’splay
3.2 Press the “CLOCK” and “WEEK”
at the same time to set the day of the week.
3.3 Press “CLOCK” and “HOUR”
at the same time to set the hour.
3.4 Press “CLOCK” and “MINUTE”
at the same time to set the minute.
3.5 Press “CLOCK” and “TIMER”
at the same time to convert 12/24 hour system.
4. Switch to daylight saving time
Easily switch to daylight saving time by
following the steps below
4.1 Press “CLOCK” and “ON/AUTO/OFF”
at the same time
The LCD screen will display SUMMER
and the time will go to daylight saving time.