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Opinionalysis - A Back To The Future Jobs Plan - 121212OPINIONALYSIS:
A Back To The Future Jobs Plan

As we begin another unforeseeable New Year, most Americans still can't and should not feel greatly or falsely optimistic about our economic futures. That will be the baby in the street for at least until the end of this decade. No amount of patriotic pep-talk, ‘speechifying’ or divisive rants by political partisans of any flavor will change the financial facts facing most of us on a daily basis. The time has really come, and is surely overdue, for a truly 21st century Presidential 'Big Idea' that works immediately. Our passenger railroad system, Amtrak, is the most glaring example of how far we have fallen behind in the 20th and 21st centuries. It is like the clogged and corroding arteries of an ailing body. Compared to smaller and larger modern industrialized nations across Europe and Asia, our passenger railroad system is an embarrassing relic. If President Obama or the 45th POTUS are genuinely serious about sustainable modern jobs and broader national economic development, then laying new tracks across America is the best way to go this decade and beyond. The austere piecemeal approach to improving our economy is simply not sustainable or effectively working. The infrastructural economic foundations of this nation are crumbling faster than our attention span to take systemic actions to repair it. Imagine an energy network of solar-paneled roofs atop high-tech maglev monorail train system cars and stations that have exponential economic effect on permanent mass employment, domestic shipping commerce, local tourism, diverse railroad related business development, increased interstate/intrastate commuting, decreased automobile pollution, decreased highway congestion, plus a sustainable boost to a multitude of regional and local economies across the U.S. within 50 miles of an American made and built high-tech maglev train system. Additionally, pairing climate change infrastructure construction and protection is inevitable when it comes to structural improvements against water, wind, fire, earthquake and landslide threats. Increases in diverse high-tech design, construction, operation, maintenance and a variety of direct/indirect related service jobs is expansive. Imagine the year-round multi-billion dollar boost to domestic tourism, as well as foreign tourists who want to see much more of this grand, diverse and beautiful continent because it will finally be much easier to do so — just like in their countries. Imagine all of the dead and dieing American towns that can be commercially, technologically and culturally resuscitated through the accessibility of localized speedy rail connections. Locally ornate mixed-use high-tech rail stations become hubs for exponential commercial and cultural development activity that many of these towns haven't seen in several generations. There are no mathematical, economic or partisan political laws that say towns that once flourished can't or shouldn't reinvent themselves and flourish in the 21st and 22nd century. The Amtrak railroad concept and technologies no longer provide the cost benefit economics our nation critically needs now, and going forward. In fact, as it is currently structured and operated, it is economically stifling. Cities and small towns across the U.S. already know this. They also know that continuing to keep and prop-up a delay-ridden cramped airport network and rickety interstate bus system is not the answer either. Countries like France, Japan, Germany, China, Brazil, Russia, South Korea and much of Europe figured this out several decades ago. Mr. President, is it too much to imagine, develop and fund in your well-earned 2nd term an economically beneficial  'Big Idea' of Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential Newsa high-tech, sustainable mass employment and environmentally sound national monorail transportation system — that will easily pay for itself in and beyond this century — far better than the costly choo-choo clunker we have now?
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (12 December 2012)

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The Future of African and American Relations
Africa As The New American Global Frontier
Our usual world view of Africa is mostly of a continent in systemic cycles of political corruption, continuous wars, genocidal deaths, ecological failure, disease, food barriers, and ongoing struggles to exploit the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Though many Africans are creating and developing their countries in dynamic technological, socioeconomic and politically promising ways, there has never been anything one-dimensional within the 54 African nations that simultaneously still hold the world’s largest and most diverse natural resources and human potential. China is abundantly aware of this, and now the global terrorist network fully understands it too. However, the proverbial elephant on the coffee table is whether the United States is actively aware of this. Beyond the U.S. Africa Command established in 2007 by President George W. Bush, what is President Barack Obama doing to effectively advantage America on a continent forever linked to our past, our future, and our long term national security? Fast-forward 10 short years from now and imagine several African nations under actual or virtual control by global terrorist regimes. Factor in China’s ever expanding effort to control the natural resources and governments of numerous African states for their own military and economic advantage. Consider the exponential U.S. economic and security ramifications of these conditions on our foreign policy and resource objectives. The nexus of these factors don't necessarily result in outcomes that are in America's best interests. The Obama Administration so far, with only one Presidential visit to the continent in Ghana and tentative policy statements about Africa, has shown little or no demonstrative engagement on the continent. Is this by neglect, or is it evidence of substantive disinterest and anemic policy initiatives on what's rapidly taking shape across every region of Africa? Moreover, how ironic it is to have this happening with the first U.S. president of African American descent — with a close one-generation connection to this vastly rich continent. Beyond the elephant on the coffee table, are we once again sticking our head in the sand as the parade of Africa-based geopolitics passes us by? Will POTUS 44, or some future President, be left standing far outside of the African stadium as other national teams compete and win the global future emanating from Africa? Yes, there are several critical and immediate issues on our Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential Newsdomestic economic plate that must be handled now. But, are we also bartering the big picture of America's future progress for the price of a small fragile frame of reference?
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (12 June 2012)

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American Mastodons In Denial

Broken Republican Party 111412The Republican Party, as it is currently constituted, is on a straight path to extinction. This is not new in our young nation's 236 short years of history — political parties have come and gone. Decades of infiltration and infection by extremist partisan parasites have rendered the Grand Old Party into a delusional and stumbling near-dead dinosaur. Worse than that, too many within the GOP fail or refuse to acknowledge the reason for their eventual irrelevance and disconnection from 21st century America. One of the newest laughable or moronic Republican delusions is the presumption that by only attracting more Hispanics the party will be more empowered based simply on the growing Latino demographic — as if all citizens and immigrants of Spanish language origins think, act and believe as a monolith, or only as Hispanics. As a born and raised former 5th generation Republican, that grew up in New York City around Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Hondurans, Cubans and a variety of Americans, I can positively-absolutely guarantee that my diverse friends and neighbors are not collectively on the same economic, political or cultural values page. Moreover, today's Republican partisans need to fundamentally understand — regardless of ethnic window dressing or demographic data — you have to present ideas and policies that are in-sync with the desires and destinies of the diverse people you need in order to grow and survive as a political party. School yard rhetoric, talking points, code words, race baiting, pretentious patriotism and cultural head games that insult the intelligence and integrity of most Americans is not a formula for growth and survival. Before 2020, this won't continue to work for older White “Boomer” voters either. Even with clever voter suppression tactics, due to human nature, people will go after something even more when they feel it is being denied. Also, it is not a stretch to assume that there were re-election votes for President Obama in those unnecessary long lines on Election Day from exasperated Republicans, Independents and undecided voters who were equally pissed-off by the tactics of their local officials. Frustration and revenge, just like politics, are local too. Hyping a new diversity of propped-up GOP representatives that spew the same conservative or neo-conservative nonsense in a younger-gentler-hipper mocha-colored package won't work. Clearly, the vast majority of Black Americans didn't fall for this strategy, well before Senator Obama became President Obama. Don't expect most Latino Americans to automatically fall under the spell of 'Rubiosis' by displaying Florida's junior U.S. senator Marco Rubio and others as the next Hispanic hope for Republicans. Many Latino voters beyond the GOP's base will quickly kick them to the curb in 2014 and beyond 2020 as on Election Day 2012. It's now abundantly clear to generations of voters that most Republican and Tea Party partisans — and their shadowy self-serving financial backers — are just playing more games under different names. Seeing the GOP games, they are being more vigilantly and decisively rejected by clearer and critically thinking average Americans — patriots that understand patriotism is not proven by wearing lapel flag pins, rants from wealthy talk radio hosts, or shrill angry protestors with bigoted posters. Distracting, dividing, delaying, diminishing and destroying our greater aspirations for community and effectively responsive government is not a survivable strategy. Talking faster and louder over Americans with different perspectives doesn’t come across as reasonable dialog on TV, radio, or in-person. The inter-generational demographic arithmetic is evolving into a U.S. electorate that rewards public servants based on the true merits and measurable effectiveness of their policies rather than blind loyalty to a party — just as President George Washington and most of America’s founders intended. Governance and progress in the Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential News21st century will be defined by citizens — and the officials we elect and pay with our hard-earned tax dollars — acting more with words, deeds, wisdom and integrity firmly rooted in justice, rather than 'just us' — also known as, “We the people...”
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (14 November 2012)

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America’s November Reckoning

Election Day U.S. VotersElection Day 2012, as in other pivotal moments in America's relatively short history, is more of a reckoning than an electoral event. In the future, it will be known as the day many Americans reconcile their ongoing battle between the positivity of hope versus a legacy of innate hate. There have been numerous attempts to delude and talk ourselves away from the obvious deep affliction that many Americans still have about the look and feel of a common leadership, a president — an elected person that presides in representing all of us. Even in this supposedly more enlightened and liberated 21st century, many of our fellow citizens choose to disguise their sense of singular social entitlement behind the creative rhetoric of selfish policies, economic elitism, partisanship, code words and pretentious indignation — as if the other 65 percent or more of us are deaf, dumb and blind to the reality of their insecurity and inability to evolve. Hopefully, President Barack Obama has learned a very valuable primary lesson in his first term. This situational awareness, or lesson, is simple. You cannot reach-out to work with someone that doesn't even want to be touched or led by you — let alone is tactically committed to your demise from day one. Triage your energy and efforts for those that do not suffer from this dysfunction, and the greater amount of us that are realistically optimistic about America's potential and future. In the meantime, most of America will proceed with a tangible sense of hope because every decade has shown a marked decrease in the potency and relevance of this American fringe — even as they make more desperate attempts to embed themselves into the American political infrastructure and social discourse for the primary purpose of dividing, delaying, diminishing and destroying our greater aspirations for American community and unity. The undeniable intergenerational and demographic arithmetic is effectively working against them — and they know it — hence the growing desperation. Nevertheless, before their self-created implosion happens, we have to stay vigilant, defiant and patriotic against the insurgents of hate and division. As America continues to advance toward our original idea of an ideal society that respects diversity and protects the freedom of all people that join us, we will continue to Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential Newsgrow into a more perfect union and icon of humanity. As such, we become more of a nation that is defined by justice, rather than the schizophrenic rants of those whose individuality, and nationality, is defined by 'just us.'
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (5 November 2012)

Why POTUS 44 Is Decisively Re-elected

Why President Obama Wins 2nd TermThough it has been tempting to get on the emotional bandwagon of hot twisted political and economic rhetoric during campaign 2012, the facts and reality have never left. Even as various Republican politicos and operatives have been trying to use Orwellian tricks to make us believe that common and verifiable facts and details should always be doubted — truth remains. President Obama has in fact, and the full details support the facts, duly earned a second four year term as President of the United States. The long and short of it, as well as in the big picture of reality, Governor Mitt Romney has only managed to sustain a level of trust and truth most Americans assign to grinning aggressive used car salesmen, or a smiling manager that says you’re doing a wonderful job as he fires five of your coworkers. Moreover, and most frightening, the one-term low-rated (48th out of 50) Massachusetts governor believes that slim details about how he will fix our economy and protect our nation is good enough to be elected one of the most influential and powerful leaders in this century. Also, as the commander-in-chief of the largest military on Earth, I am truly personally astounded at Mr. Romney’s lack of actionable knowledge about how our defense forces are structured — including his own lack of candor about why he and his sons evade direct military enlistment, as he will be charged to order other sons and daughters to make that sacrifice for our nation. Then there’s the rampant voter suppression activities of state officials and politricksters supporting and funding candidate Romney. Where is the basic patriotism in that effort, and why hasn’t Mr. Romney spoken loud, often and clear against it? As I stated in an earlier Opinionalysis, ‘We the people' may not be opposed to cutting our own throat just to feel good in our gut. However, with what is truly at stake for the present and future of our country and its increasingly intricate global role, it is never good to commit electoral suicide just to Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential Newshave a temporary feel good political sensation. Too much is critical for all of us, regardless of political or social affiliation — or innate biases. We the people are not electing a WrestleMania or American Idol winner.
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (23 October 2012)

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Once Again, The Hide & Seek Strategy

President Obama Looks ForwardThe hide and seek strategy is nothing new in American national and local politics. Less is more, as the idea goes, when it comes to giving voters little or no full understanding of what you will and plan to do versus what you want them to believe you can do. Distraction rhetoric, running down the clock before giving details, subliminal race-bating, voter suppression, and hiding critical facts about your actual plans are tactics that have generally worked in the past. Moreover, it is unfortunately a given that most of the electorate won't fully ask themselves whether candidates are actually telling them the truth, nor take the time to check the facts behind candidate chatter. If it sounds and feels good while connecting with our own personal beliefs and emotional sensibilities, then it's all good. Essentially, candidates rely on our inability to remember the recent past or anything before the last two Presidential elections. Republican Party candidates and GOP officials are betting heavily that a significant number of Americans won't remember and don't even want to think about what America was like prior to President Obama's election. Skipping over a decade or more to a time when life was allegedly comfortable and predictable is far easier than facing the facts and realities of how we actually existed economically and socially in the real America. Many will say there never was a ticking socioeconomic time bomb before it exploded in 2008. Many more don't believe it is wholly wrong and unpatriotic to openly delay, disable and disrupt a duly elected President from taking tough measures to save an entire nation. Winning an election is all that matters. So, for these partisans, even if POTUS 44 loses by one-half of one-percent of the popular vote, a slim win is still a mandate in their playbook. No doubt, there will be no fully honest accounting or reconciling of the previous administration's eight years of fiscal and regulatory incompetence, war spending, plus over twenty years of trickle-down economic malfeasance. In our fast food logic, it's okay to rationalize that two decades of decay and corruption can be cleaned-up and corrected in two years. It is easier for many in 2012 to ignore and hide what happened, and seek a happier version of how better things would be without this President. It doesn't matter what urgent actions he had to take Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential Newsto insure our survival over the immediate and long term. It's okay to push him from the steering wheel at any speed. 'We the people' may not be opposed to cutting our own throat just to feel good in our gut.
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (4 September 2012)

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It’s Time To Own The ‘Obamacare’ Brand
Time Magazine - 10 Aug. 2009 - Paging Dr. ObamaSurely, their are people inside and outside the White House that want to disown the notion of President Barack Obama’s historic legislation being called ‘Obamacare.’ However, anyone understanding the power in positive persuasiveness by one-word name recognition, or branding, will also comprehend how co-opting and owning a name brand can also become a very powerful push-back tool that soon endears, empowers and emblazons a product or service in the consumer’s mind. Hopefully, if this is the public relations endgame by the Obama Administration, then POTUS would be strategically best advised not to shoot any horses while riding them. No doubt, diverse rogue Republicans pandering to their so-called base will continue to perform their bratty school yard act in order to look politically tough to draw election year attention. But, soon everyone in the yard — voters across America — eventually gets real tired and will soon disown them because no one can stand a brat for too long. The surveys that reveal the ever decreasing public popularity for the U.S. Congress are a big indicator. This is a critical fact as we have seen the GOP control it for most of the last twenty years. The President’s politically paranoid supporters and advisors need to think outside their box and recognize their opposition’s hidden vulnerability. Own-up to the fact that our new and additional healthcare protections can have a user-friendly name with historical context rooted in the first U.S. president in 100 years able to get it done. Like any brand that delivers what it promises, the consumer — ‘We the people’ — will soon only care about reaping the full benefits of the service when using it, rather than the brattle from those who haven’t and won’t produce their own full version. None of us are getting any younger or healthier on the course that we’ve been forced to stay on for a century. Any local, state or Congressional official that chooses not to see or believe the cost of an unhealthy populace is also a threat to our national security — and a far more costly one — should at least prompt us constituents to ask why are we really electing and paying them. Would they prefer trading our level of care for their quality of Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential Newsbenefits? Ironically, our tax dollars still fund their far superior medical care, which they don’t demonize. So, that’s right, it’s ‘Obamacare,’ and I want my share — at the very least my taxpayer share.
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (16 July 2012)

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Health Care Reform Demonstrators - 061112
POTUS & SCOTUS Make Huge History Again
The meaning of the hugely historical decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to uphold President Obama’s health care reform plan should not get lost in the partisan rhetoric of this 2012 election year. SCOTUS’s nearly surprising decision is a huge turn in American history going back to a 1912 effort initiated by Republican President Theodore Roosevelt. Every U.S. President — including Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter and Clinton — were thwarted by diverse political, economic and corporate forces. According to Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, “No question — this president has finally accomplished something no president was able to accomplish for a century.” No doubt, many pundits and news media expected most of the Justices to take a conservative bent. It’s now apparent that there have been significant misperceptions about this Supreme Court’s ability to rule based simply on the laws stated and implied in the U.S. Constitution. The misperceptions should be invalidated in light of the surprising June decisions on immigration, and now health care. If there is one factor that is factually apparent, SCOTUS and POTUS tend to have an informal alliance when it comes to making historical decisions that affect the larger social paradigm of our nation. Think back to voting rights, civil rights, abortion rights, privacy rights and more. This decision is widely a good thing when so much of our body politic and governance is fractured and contentious to the point where political chaos, indecision, stagnation and partisan arrogance are becoming normal in America — the current Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse destroying on our ability to succeed during the 21st century. President Obama’s perseverance and  Supreme Court opinion number 10-708 should be Publisher Dennis Moore of POTUSworld.com Presidential Newsseen as milestones and hope that we are not necessarily a nation adrift in perpetual division and destructive acrimony — or additional evidence that we are not truly destined to be our own worst enemy.
Dennis Moore, POTUSworld.com Publisher (28 June 2012)


Waiting For That Presidential ‘Big Idea’ Jobs Plan >>

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